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Jetzt Schaddel 2.0 herunterladen

Lieber Schaddel Nutzeer,

ab dem 01. November 2023 ist eine technische Umstellung auf die App ,,Schaddel 2.0“ notwendig. Wir bieten dir künftig ein noch besseres Nutzungserlebnis.

Die App ist ab sofort in Appstore und Google Playstore verfügbar: Lade sie jetzt herunter und registriere dich, damit du ab dem 01. November wie gewohnt das Schaddel buchen und sicher an dein Ziel kommen kannst.

Now, we offer mobility on demand! It's easy - with the Schaddel app.

Download app now.

Here's how

Simply book a ride via app, have it picked up at the desired location and start driving. Without any timetables or fixed routes. This makes Schaddel the ideal complement to the existing public transport system in Kassel. Depending on demand, additional passengers can join the ride along the way. That's great, because you can also snuggle up with Schaddel and get to your destination in an extra relaxed way - flexible, individual and environmentally friendly!


Download app

Download the free Schaddel app, register and specify your preferred payment method. For optimal use, enable location sharing!


Set start, destination & time

Select the start and destination of your trip and the app will immediately show you the cost. Book the ride and pay directly via the app. It also guides you to the boarding point.


Get in & drive off

Schaddel will come and take you and your possible passengers to your destination as quickly as possible. In case of parallel requests, boardings on the way are possible.

Blue and all-electric:
our Schaddel

Get in and relax: In our 14 all-electric Mercedes-Benz eVitio with six to eight seats incl. driver, you can travel in comfort and enjoy a quiet, emission-free ride through Kassel.

Do you drive city center or surrounding area?

From the club back home, late-night kebab or off to the early shift: Whatever you have in mind - we turn night into day. Because Schaddel is on the road for you every day from 0 to 5 a.m. in the Kassel city area. It thus expands the existing range of scheduled public transport services consisting of buses and streetcars in Kassel. At night, for example, there were previously few connections.

During the day, we are expanding our service in the Waldau industrial park and the Langes Feld industrial park.


At night

Schaddel is on the road for you on weekdays from 0:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. (on Saturdays until 5:30 a.m. and Sundays until 6:00 a.m.) in the entire Kassel city area.

On the map you can see where exactly the Schaddel is on the road for you.


During the day

During the day, Schaddel takes employees, customers and visitors of the companies in the Waldau industrial park and the Langes Feld industrial estate to their destinations. In combination with the night service, Schaddel is thus in operation around the clock in these areas.

What does it cost to ride Schaddel?

With Schaddel, you can travel in Kassel in an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way - and you can see the exact price for the trip as soon as you book. The price is calculated exactly as the crow flies and does not change even if other passengers join you and the route changes as a result. Speaking of other passengers: If you book several seats for yourself and other passengers at the same time, you save money together:

Additional passengers pay only 50% of the regular fare. Payment is made directly when booking via app.

For trips to the Waldau industrial park and the Langes Feld industrial estate, some special features apply. You can find more information about this in the following tariff overview.


For a trip in the Schaddel you pay a basic price of 3,20 € plus 0,35 € per kilometer. The price per kilometer is calculated based on the distance from the starting point to the destination and does not change in case of a possible route deviation.


  • Holders of an NVV annual pass get a 25% discount on the basic price
  • passengers and children from 8-17 years pay only 50% of the total price
  • Severely disabled passengers travel free of charge

The following special conditions apply to journeys to the „Industriepark Waldau“ and the „Langes Feld“ industrial estate:


JobTicket users travel free of charge. For all others, the tariff and discounts apply as described above.


In „Langes Feld“, Schaddel replaces the previous AST 90, so you can simply paddle off with any NVV ticket at no additional cost. No tickets are sold in Schaddel itself. The nearest advance ticket sales points are the vending machines in the streetcar and „Zeitschriften Lecke“ in Frankfurter Straße 292, directly at the „Dennhäuser Straße“ stop. Even easier: buy a cell phone ticket in the NVV app.


About Schaddel

What is Schaddel?

Schaddel is a so-called on-demand transport. As the name suggests, it runs "when needed" or "on demand." On-demand transports run in a defined service area or at fixed service times, but do not know any fixed schedules or stops. They are flexible and individually on call for you on the road. Carpools are automatically formed with other Schaddel users who have a similar destination. A special algorithm dynamically adjusts the route as needed so that new passengers can easily get on and off.

Why is driving Schaddel good for the environment?

The entire Schaddel fleet consists of fully electric and therefore emission-free vehicles that are powered by regional green electricity from Städtische Werke AG - so the climate is happy! What's more, by forming carpools, several people share one vehicle - which is much more environmentally friendly than everyone driving their own car.

Where and when does Schaddel drive?

You can use the Schaddel at the following times and in the following service areas:

  • As a night service in the city of Kassel
    In the night service, you can use the Schaddel in the entire city area from 0:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. - on Saturdays even until 5:30 a.m. and on Sundays until 6:00 a.m.. So you'll definitely be home in time for breakfast!
  • To work and home: Waldau Industrial Park and Langes Feld Industrial Park
    Between 5:00 a.m. and midnight (Saturdays from 5:30 a.m. and Sundays from 6:00 a.m.), the Schaddel is available exclusively in the Waldau Industrial Park and the Langes Feld Industrial Park.

From and to the industrial park Waldau Schaddel closes the last mile to the following transfer stops to the regular public transport:

  • Auestadion
  • Platz der deutschen Einheit
  • Leipziger Platz
  • Lindenberg
  • Forstbachweg
  • Kasseler Straße

From and to „Langes Feld“, Schaddel departs or arrives at „Dennhäuser Straße“.

How much will Schaddel cost me?

How much your trip will cost is displayed directly in the app before you complete your booking.

The price is made up of a basic price (3,20 €) and a flat rate for the distance (0,35 €/km).
Important: this is not calculated according to the actual distance traveled, but according to the distance between the start and destination entered in the app.

Are there any discounts?

  • Holders of an NVV annual pass get a 25% discount on the basic price.
  • Passengers travel for half price, as do those who are 8 but under 18 years old.
  • Severely disabled persons travel free of charge.
  • Employees of Kassel clinics and hospitals with a JobTicket travel free of charge to and from their place of work.

What applies in the Waldau Industrial Park?

NVV-JobTicket holders use Schaddel free of charge on their way to and from work.

What is valid in Langes Feld?

Anyone who has a valid NVV ticket can use Schaddel at no additional cost, just like the AST 90 in Langen Feld before. The driver does not sell tickets in the vehicle.

How can I use Schaddel?

Booking Schaddel is quick and easy: download the app, create a customer account, select a payment method, and you're ready to go!

You can find the free Schaddel app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Our short explanatory film shows you exactly how it works.


Customer account / Login / Registration

How does the registration work and which operating systems does the app support?

The Schaddel app is available free of charge for Android and iOS. You can register easily with your name, mobile number and a valid email address. We use 2-factor authentication for your security. During the installation process, you will also need to verify your identity with an SMS code.

Do you have any questions or problems with the registration? Write us an email to schaddel(at)kvg.de.

How do I use the Schaddel On-Demand app?

The structure of the Schaddel app is very simple. In the instructions, which you can download as a PDF, we guide you step by step through the app. Download the instructions for Android or iOS.

I did not receive a verification code. What now?

Please try the following tips:

  • Did you enter your mobile number correctly, including the area code? Please check if there was a typo or a number error and try again!
  • Sometimes there is a delay in SMS delivery due to the mobile provider or lack of network coverage. Please check if you have good reception and try again!
  • Doesn't work? Then please reinstall the app - maybe it will work better then!

How can I change my registration data?

Simply go to the "Account" menu item in the app to change your details. You can change your payment method under "Payment".

How can I redeem my discount code?

Simply enter your discount code in the app menu under "Gutscheine" - have fun shopping at a great price!

How can I delete my customer account?

In the app menu under "Account" you will also find the option "Delete account". Should you decide to do so (which we hope you won't :)), we will delete all the data you provided during registration. We only store further data in order to fulfill our contractual or legal obligations.

If you delete your customer account, you can of course still start the trips you have already booked at that time. You can have any remaining credit refunded at the customer center.

All information about the processing of customer-related data can be found here!

Why was my customer account blocked and what can I do?

Perhaps you have repeatedly violated our terms and conditions or there was a problem with the payment processing. For clarification, please call our customer service at 0561 3089-5888 or write to us at schaddel(at)kvg.de.


Your booking

How can I book a ride?

You can easily book your ride with the Schaddel app, which you can download for free for your smartphone or tablet - either in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

I don't have a smartphone, can I still use Schaddel?

Alternatively, it is also possible to book by phone. For this, you must first come to our NVV customer center of the KVG (Kurfürsten Galerie, Mauerstraße 11, 34117 Kassel) and create a customer account. A prepaid credit of at least 10 € must be paid into the customer account during registration. Afterwards, you can easily book the Schaddel by phone at 0561 3089-5888.. Your bookings will be charged against the prepaid credit. The prepaid credit can then be topped up again at the customer center, with amounts of your choice.

How can I cancel my booking?

If you change your mind, you can click on "Details" in the trip view and then select "Cancel trip".

If you cancel the trip within one minute of booking, there is no charge. If you cancel an ad hoc booking after one minute, you may be charged up to 50% of the trip price. Advance bookings or permanent bookings can be cancelled free of charge up to one hour before the start of the journey.

If you are not on time at the entry point booked and confirmed by the driver without having cancelled beforehand and the driver cannot reach you via app, the full fare will be charged.

Can I book a ride for more than one person?

In any case - simply select the number of passengers when booking in the app! And the best thing is: everyone who rides with you gets a discount and ride even cheaper: for each passenger only 50% of the calculated fare is due!

Can I book a ride for later?

For sure: When booking in the app, simply select the option "Later" and enter the desired date! Permanent bookings are also possible.

How can I make sure I arrive at the time I want?

For this, you should definitely book your ride some time in advance. Select the "Later" option in the app and enter when you want to be at your destination under "Arrival". The algorithm behind the app then ensures that additional passengers can only board if the arrival time can be met. Tip: Plan a certain buffer anyway - because unfortunately even we can't foresee possible traffic jams and obstacles.


Your ride

What do I do if I have forgotten something in the Schaddel?

Simply contact our customer service - either by phone at 0561 3089-5888 or by e-mail to schaddel(at)kvg.de. Please state when you left and include a description of the forgotten item.

If you find forgotten items in the Schaddel, please give them to our drivers who will forward them accordingly. All lost property can be collected from the porter at the KVG depot Sandershäuser Straße the next day at the earliest. On Fridays, all lost property goes to the lost and found office of the city of Kassel.

How can I tell that the vehicle is "my" Schaddel?

With their eye-catching blue stickers and the Schaddel lettering, our vehicles can't really be missed. To help you find your booked Schaddel, the app also shows you the license plate number of the vehicle that will pick you up after booking.

Are the paddles equipped with child seats?

Each Schaddel has a booster seat (group 2/3 child seat), which is recommended for children from about 4-12 years and a weight of 15-36 kg. Just ask the driver.

If you are traveling with a younger child, you will need to bring a group 0-1 child seat or infant carrier yourself. In both cases, you are responsible for setting up the child seat and buckling your child in correctly.

In principle, Section 21 (1a) of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) also applies in the Schaddel, according to which children under twelve years of age and under 150 cm tall may only be taken along in prescribed seats with seat belts.

Are children and young people allowed to ride in the Schaddel?

Of course. However, children under 7 years of age may only ride in the Schaddel if accompanied by a person of full age. If the booster seat available in the Schaddel (Group 2/3 child seat) is not sufficient, a suitable child seat or infant carrier must be brought along. The accompanying person is also responsible for ensuring that the child is safely accommodated in the Schaddel in accordance with legal requirements.

Children 7 years and older may use the Schaddel on their own with parental consent. They should have proof of age and a consent form with them in all cases.

The use of the Schaddel is also available to minors. To do this, the parent or guardian must enter their payment data in the app registration and confirm it with 2-factor authentication. This means that every booking made by the minor is deemed to have been approved by the parent or guardian.

Are passengers allowed to be excluded from the ride?

The safety of our passengers and drivers is our top priority. For this reason, passengers may be excluded from transportation in special cases - for example, if they are obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if they attract negative attention due to their behavior.

Are deviations from the originally displayed route possible?

Deviations from the original route are possible - especially so that other passengers who have a similar destination to you can get on and off if necessary. You can view the route in the app at any time.

How many stops are there on my trip?

Your shuttle will make brief stops along the way if other passengers are traveling in your direction and want to get on or off. However, these stops are already calculated into the estimated travel time, which is displayed when you make your booking.

Is eating and drinking allowed in the Schaddel?

Even if kebabs make you feel nicer and you like to nibble on cookies in the car: To keep the Schaddel nice and clean and so that other passengers don't feel bothered by the smell of food, eating and drinking is not allowed in the Schaddel!

Can I take a rollator with me in the Schaddel?

In principle, this is possible in any case. Please note that you must be able to get in and out of the vehicle independently in order to use the Schaddel. We have equipped our vehicles with grab handles for this purpose. Our drivers will of course also be happy to help you get on and off.

Can wheelchair users also use the Schaddel?

Part of our fleet is specially adapted for wheelchair users. Please select the appropriate option in the app when booking so that we can send you a suitable vehicle. 

If you would like to use the Schaddel together with an accompanying person, please book an additional seat. There are no additional costs for this. If you have a severely disabled pass that allows you to use public transport free of charge, don't forget to activate the corresponding slider in the app so that your ride is free and you can take a companion with you free of charge, for whom you also have to book a seat.

How this works exactly, you can watch in our video : Schaddel now also barrier-free (kvg.de)

I have a visual impairment. What assistance does Schaddel offer me?

We strive to make Schaddel as accessible as possible. This includes, among other things, that the app is optimized for voice-over function and that contrast and font size can be adjusted. You can find the corresponding options in the settings of your smartphone.

For navigation to the pickup location and from the drop-off location to your destination, the app offers you the option of using Google Maps, provided this is installed on your smartphone. 

As soon as your Schaddel has reached the pick-up location, a button will appear in the vehicle view of the app, with which you can coordinate by phone regarding the boarding if necessary. Of course, our drivers will also be happy to help you get in and out of the vehicle. 

If you have a registered assistance and service dog, you may take your companion with you in the Schaddel. 

If you have a severely disabled pass that allows you to use public transport free of charge, don't forget to activate the corresponding slider in the app. You can then take an accompanying person with you free of charge. However, you will have to book an additional seat for them. You can find the slider in the booking overview by clicking on "1 passenger". 

We know that other comparable on-demand offers are already successfully used by people with visual impairments and blind people. They have given us some tips, which we pass on to you below:

  • Before booking a ride, take your time to familiarize yourself with the app and its functions. 
  • If you are unsure, you can also practice the route to the stop before booking. To do this, simply follow the booking process until a ride is suggested to you, but do not complete the booking by clicking on "Binding booking". This way you know where the nearest pick-up point is and can visit it in advance at your leisure. Or you can call our service hotline at 0561-3089-5888 and ask to be told where to stop. 
  • Another option is to take the first ride with a sighted person who can assist you in case of any uncertainties. Or you can have someone pick you up at the exit point. This way you can practice using the shuttle until you feel confident enough to use the service without assistance

Can I take luggage on the Schaddel?

Luggage can be taken up to the size of a piece of hand luggage. There is no room for large suitcases or other bulky items. Bicycles or bulky items can also not travel in the Schaddel.

I have to quickly go to the bakery - can I get off on the way?

Sorry, but that's not possible! Travel time and route are calculated for you and the other passengers when booking, so a stopover would lead to unwanted delays. For safety reasons, an early termination of the journey is also only possible in an emergency.

Are animals allowed on the Schaddel?

Animals are excluded from the ride. The only exceptions are registered assistance and service dogs and small pets that can be placed in a transport box on your lap or in the footwell, for example.

How safe is a ride on the Schaddel?

Passenger safety is our top priority. Our drivers are regularly trained and, of course, all have a passenger transport license. Our vehicles are also licensed and regularly serviced. In addition, as a passenger you are insured during your ride in the Schaddel. However, we cannot accept any liability for damage to or loss of valuables or luggage.

How long will a Schaddel wait for me?

The Schaddel will wait for you for a maximum of two minutes, otherwise there will be disadvantages for other travelers. Please take this into account when planning your trip and be at the meeting point a few minutes earlier. Since the route of the Schaddel is coordinated with your booking, you will also be charged for the ride if you are not there on time - we ask for your understanding for this. Should this happen more often, we reserve the right to block your customer account.

Who can help me with questions and problems?

Our customer service will be happy to help you - either by phone at 0561 3089-5888 or send us an e-mail to schaddel(at)kvg.de.

Can my travel time be extended?

If more passengers join you on the way, the journey time displayed when booking will be extended by a maximum of 30%. For example, instead of 10 minutes, the journey would take a maximum of 13 minutes - regardless of how many passengers are still boarding.

This only applies if there are no unforeseen events such as an accident or traffic jam on the planned route.

How many people do I share the Schaddel with?

It depends on how many other passengers want to paddle at the same time in a similar direction as you. In each of our Schaddels without conversion for wheelchairs, there is room for a maximum of 6 people. We currently limit this to a maximum of 4 people for infection control reasons.


Payment and billing

What payment methods are available to me?

As a rule, you pay for your trip with the Schaddel directly in the app. For this purpose, you can store one of the following payment methods in your customer account:

  • SEPA direct debit
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express)
  • PayPal

Customers who do not want to book via the app, but by phone, must load a prepaid credit onto their user account after prior registration at the NVV customer center of the KVG (Kurfürsten Galerie, Mauerstraße 11, 34117 Kassel). You can find more information about the payment modalities in our terms and conditions.

Why can't I verify my credit card?

It is possible that the two-factor authentication using the 3D Secure method did not work. So you were able to enter your credit card data in the app and were redirected to your bank, but could not complete the authentication there. The reason for this could be that your bank has not yet adapted its technical interfaces to this procedure.

In any case, please check whether your credit cards are activated for online shopping at your bank and try it with another credit card if necessary. Otherwise, we offer you a whole range of other payment methods - you can find a complete overview here and of course in the Schaddel app.

Can I get an invoice?

We are happy to provide you with invoices for your Schaddel trips in PDF format upon request. Simply activate the invoice dispatch under "Konto → Berechtigungen" (Account → Permissions).

Can I leave a tip after the trip?

Of course: After your journey, you will be asked via the app whether you would like to give a tip to your driver. The amount is freely selectable.